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Harpal D.

I did my first hydra facial with her !! Honestly she’s amazing n give you proper time !! You don’t feel like she’s in hurry explain you every single thing !! Must recommend

Kimberly C

“I can’t say enough about how Tina has transformed the texture and overall appearance of my face. I used to suffer from adult hormonal acne and hyperpigmentation. My skin looks radiant. She put together product suggestions and a sequence of services which included Hydra-facials, VI Peels, & Vivace RF micro-needling all in an affordable monthly package. Tina truly has a gift for skincare. I also followed her to her new location. It’s worth the drive. Thank you so much for all you do."

Vinny T

"My first facial of any kind and Tina explained the procedure so well, even a guy like me can understand. She was gentle and very thorough during the entire process while explaining the procedure as it happens. My skin never looked better and many female friends have noticed the difference. I’m hooked."

Pang Y

"Thank you Tina. She is awesome, professional, knowledgeable, and cares about her clients. She does more than what you ask or pay for. My skin has really improved, less brown spots which was my main concern. And her products are amazing. I love the Vitamin C serum, it smells so good, and goes on my skin so perfectly. I Love you Tina! You brighten my face!”

Hugo W

"I would recommended Tina to everyone. She is caring and thoughtful. She follow up with your conditions and make sure you progress. Knowledgeable about skin types and know what she is doing. Don’t hear it from me. Have a session with her then you will find out."

Sylvia L

"Tina is an amazing, knowledgeable aesthetician who goes above and beyond for her clients. Highly recommend her!"

Rina K

"I love the service from Tina she is great my skin looks 10 years younger

Highly recommended her to anyone”

Evona N

“Tina is excellent - professional, personable and delivers great skin care. Office is very relaxing and calm. Great service great environment 100% I would recommend."

Phoenix H

"I’ve been seeing Tina only for a couple times now and I already love my result. I spent so much $$ on skincare products and dermatologist but my skin still never got any improvements until I met Tina. If you have any problems with your skin, big or small, go to Tina, she’ll help you get the best results. She’s very knowledgeable, sweet, professional and she makes you feel very comfortable! Tina also helps to overcome my daughter’s acne problem which was none of the dermatologists we’ve seen has helped. I’m so glad I found Tina but wish that I knew her years ago. Now my mom, my daughter and me couldn’t stay away from Tina, she is now our skincare Angel!"


"I am a teenager who is dealing with acne problems. I have been visiting the dermatologist for a couple of years, and have tried the prescription strength cream as well as antibiotics. The medication did not work and oral antibiotics are not a long term solution. My Mom introduced me to Tina and my skin has shown very noticeable differences since my first treatment. My skin is clear and smooth! Thank you Tina for helping me gain my confidence back and for saving my skin. I love going with my Mom for hydrafacials, and Tina is the only person we trust when it comes to skin care. Tina, you're the best!”

Daniella P

“Tina was great. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. I had so many questions about the ingredients of products and what was the most efficient routine for my skin type. She was thorough and able to answer all of my questions. She was also extremely kind, genuine, and made me feel great after the session. Results of my first hydra facial was wonderful. My skin was brighter and glowing. Thanks so much Tina."

Kimberly V

"Since the COVID-19 pandemic, I started to break out a lot due to the mask and started to see imperfects with my skin. My skin has cleared up a lot but it took 6 months for it to be somewhat decent. However, the result of these breakouts led to a lot of acne scars and uneven skin tone. I visited Tina yesterday and I could see a difference already. Today is the first day I used the skincare line that she helped created and I'm hopeful for a positive outcome. The Hydra Facial she gave me was outstanding! I loved it so much that I became a monthly member. I highly recommend her as she is full of knowledge and seems very protective of her clients."

Thang N

"Thank you Tina for introducing me to Med Skin products. I had been using the wrong products for my dry and acne prone skin until I saw Tina. Tina introduced me to try Med skin products which focus on treating acne. In only a few days, I saw my skin improved significantly. Even my daughters had to complement my new clear skin.The cleanser, the acne pads, the spot treatment, especially the soft skin cream worked magic on me! I love the vitamin C serum, it helps brighten up my skin. I will be doing a few sessions of microneedling to help diminish my acne scars which I can't wait!!! Tina is very professional and gentle. She would explain every steps she does and I am very pleased😍.”
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